As a musical artist, Peter performs over 100 performances a year.
Music is Peter’s passion and drive. He always gives his very best efforts in musical presentation and singing.

When he sings, his warm voice, enthusiasm and sincerity make the music he performs infectious and joyful, even when he is interpreting a touching ballad.
With his impressive vocal range and repertoire, he delivers everything you would expect from a professional singer. 

Peter performs with professionally recorded accompaniments that sound very close to the original. This has allowed Peter to provide a high calibre of entertainment at a more reasonable price than using a live band. Everything about Peter’s performance is always professional, including equipment, proper attire, and attitude.

It is obvious that he loves timeless standards and has the voice and phrasing to make them sound fresh and relevant.

While he makes no secret of his love for the singing of Elvis, Tony Bennett, George Benson and many others to say the least, he does not feel compelled to merely copy his predecessors and instead displays a sound of his own within the tradition of the original songs.