Peter started singing in his bedroom when he was young, along to his favourite singer, Elvis Presley.

In his teens, he had a little group going with his friends in the neighbourhood, although they played at home just for their own pleasure.

In 1977 he sang at his brothers wedding at the age of 18.
In 1980 he sang out in Cyprus every Saturday for the month of his holiday there.
Upon his return, he was offered a gig singing in a London restaurant every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

In 1981 he got married and soon after gave up singing for many years due to marital commitments.

In 2005 he decided to take some vocal training and joined a group where he had one to one Classical Training, which he attended for 10 months and then went on to have “Speech Level Singing” Training with a well known Vocal Trainer which he attended for 4 years.
In 2008 he was on stage at Blue Water Shopping Centre for their Winter Wonderland show, being the sole entertainer that evening seen by thousands.

In 2011 he went to North Cyprus to sing full time after a lot of interest from various hotels and restaurants. He was out there for 2 years.
He thereafter returned to UK and has been singing back here ever since.
However, he has been back to Cyprus several times, being asked to do some gigs out there

He has been singing all over Kent (Where he lives), Various places in London, Harlow, East Sussex, Eastbourne and even up in Nuneaton.
He also sung in Italy for a wedding in September last year (2018).

He continues to grow in his field and is acquiring more and more bookings every year.